Volunteer Agreement

When you volunteer with the National Democratic Congress you are joining and supporting our efforts to continue Putting People First!

We need volunteers to be part of our work in communities such as our NDC National Care initiative. We need volunteers to assist us with logistics, project and event management, fundraising activities, sports and family fun day activities, with General Councils, Conventions, village meetings, motorcades and rallies.

We need volunteers to be part of our outreach activities to help increase our support base among all age groups.

We need volunteers to be part of our house to house campaigning at the constituency level, to distribute flyers, to put up posters and to hang up banners.

Are you knowledgeable about your village or community? Then NDC needs you! You can help us with desk canvassing and “working” the voters list to strengthen our house-to-house campaigning and help us prevent voter padding!

If you have a special interest in election-day activities for NDC, we welcome you too. We will train you to become effective Indoor or Outdoor agents or other interesting election-day roles that you would become exposed to and excited to perform.

Do you prefer a quiet life in an office or home working behind the scenes? Well we have numerous important volunteer roles for you to perform. NDC welcomes your role as researcher, phone campaigner, graphic artists, editor, website content monitor, social media content monitor, responder and advocate, report preparation, power point preparation, decorator, placards writer, cartoonist, sketch artists or other visual artists. WE NEED YOU! CALL US, JOIN US!

As part of our volunteer team you would be provided with NDC branded merchandise during our various events and activities.

WE WELCOME YOU to the NDC family and thank you for wanting to identify with our values of integrity, transparency, accountability, innovation and teamwork, and to Putting People First!