Who We Are

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is a social democratic party that embraces the system of Parliamentary and Participatory Democracy. We advance the concept of a people-centered paradigm for development. Our new and distinctive approach advocates for modernization of the economy, while also championing the needs of workers and society’s disadvantaged for self-determination, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, the pursuit of greater egalitarianism through the building of knowledge and new skill sets, social justice, safety, and participatory decision-making to help build and strengthen our communities. It emphasizes commitment to balanced budgets, equal opportunity with an emphasis on personal responsibility, the decentralization of government power to the lowest level possible, encouragement and promotion of public–private partnerships, improving labor supply, investment in human development, preserving of social capital, and protection of the natural environment. The people-centered paradigm serves as the conceptual framework and foundation for the party’s vision, mission, policies, and organizing approach.

Our Mission

The mission of the NDC is to advance the principles and values of social democracy, ensuring the achievement of peace, social justice, security, self-sufficiency, and sustainability for all Grenadians.

Constitution and Regulations