Grenada's NDC-led Administration Delivers On Promise To Pay Retroactive Pension And Gratuity Ahead Of November 30th Commitment

The NDC-led Government of Grenada today announced in a release that it will be making good on the NDC’s pre-election promise to deliver retroactive pension and gratuity payments to public servants by November 30, 2022.

As of Tuesday, November 15, the first batch of payments was made to over three hundred (300) retirees, totaling $44.1 million.

As stated in the official release, “The payment of these long overdue benefits symbolises Government’s dedication to its transformation agenda that seeks to empower its people, make good on commitments to citizens and be transparent in its governance of the country.”

This gesture on the part of the NDC-led Administration demonstrates how serious the nation’s new Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Hon. Dickon Mitchell, along with his Cabinet, are about demonstrating their capable leadership and our ability as a nation, to address our challenges.

As the release puts it, we can satisfactorily do so, despite the difficulties, “once we set clear goals and work towards achieving them.”

On behalf of the Government, PM Hon. Dickon Mitchell, expressed “profound appreciation to the employees at the Ministry of Finance, including the Accountant General’s Department; Ms. Tonia Adams and her team at the Pension Secretariat; and the Audit Department for their stellar work in ensuring that the deadline for payment of the pension and gratuity was met.”

According to the release, the Pension Secretariat will be continuing to work assiduously to ensure that all eligible applicants are processed on or before November 30, 2022.

The Secretariat is also urging all approved applicants, who have not yet submitted their Life Certificates and banking information, to do so promptly, so that timely payment of benefits can be made.

The Ministry of Finance anticipates a payout of $75 million to 525 eligible retirees, in total.

It is expected that the infusion of this substantial amount of money into the local economy, would stimulate and drive increased economic activity through new business investment initiatives in the productive sectors, loan repayments, new home construction, funding of further education, etcetera. All of this would result in the creation of more jobs, a higher quality of life for many, and numerous positive spin-offs in every strata of the economy in Petite Martinique, Carriacou and Grenada.

The statement closed with the following words of good advice: “Government wishes to counsel all recipients of the pension and gratuity to ensure that the funds are used wisely to their benefit.”

By way of a reminder, the public is informed that the Pension Secretariat can be reached at 473-424-4962 or via email at