Together We Are Stronger

Over 200 Delegates from 15 Constituencies, the National Democratic Youth Movement, the Women’s Arm and the diaspora participated last Sunday, in the first General Council of the National Democratic Congress since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Indeed, it was the first gathering of party delegates since the 2019 Convention. The event, held under the theme: Together We Are Stronger, utilized a combination of in-person and virtual attendance. 

As the party prepares for the next general elections, due in 24 months, delegates took stock of where the party is positioned today, gleaned from reports presented by the various arms and committees of the party. 

General Secretary, Glen Noel delivered a comprehensive report on the overall state of the organisation as having significantly enhanced internal organizational and institutional structures and now needing to embrace more fresh minds, hearts and hands on board, in order to put the systems now in place, to work fully, as we prepare for the next poll.

The General Secretary’s report laid the foundation and set the tone for the feature presentation by acting Party Leader, Adrian Thomas. 

The highlight of the day’s event was the Party Leader’s address to the delegates. In keep with the theme, he urged on members and party faithful to embrace all, including those whose eyes are now open, having seen the belly of the beast on the other side. “This is a party for all” he said, “because united together we are stronger.” Brother Thomas encouraged delegates and members to be inclusive and welcoming and to fully recommit to furthering the cause of the NDC and spreading the good news of hope and unity to all Grenadians everywhere. 

All present were charged to stay loyal to the core principles and values of the NDC, recommit to promoting its programs and policies, stand united together, draw new members and supporters to the organization and canvass and register voters in preparation for the next general elections. He admonished that the people of Grenada are depending on the NDC as the organization that will rescue our beloved land from the grasp of the NNP who are ransacking our country with corruption, dictatorship, fear, nepotism, spite and victimization. Delegates were charged to stand united together, collaborating with individuals and organizations throughout Grenada and the diaspora who are willing to work together to save our country and towards developing a green, equitable and prosperous Grenada for all.

The General Council set the convention date for during the third quarter of this year.