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Healthcare and Environmental Issues in Grenada

Host: Terry Forrester

Today, we feature interviews with brothers Joseph Andall our Caretaker for St. Patrick West & Kennedy Roberts our Spokesman for Health & Wellness.  

Brother Roberts will reflect on where we are in terms of healthcare, 42 years after the 1979 Revolution, which ushered in an administration that focused heavily on healthcare. He will also highlight the importance of following the science and getting vaccinated for Covid-19, especially in the context where we need as quickly as possible, to return to normalcy as the continued presence of Covid-19 is causing tremendous stress on our people, especially those needing treatment for other ailments. 

Brother Andall will engage in an extensive interview with our host on the breakwater project at Low Town Sauteurs that is wrecking the coastline at Mt. Craven and Mt. Rodney. This evening the NDC will lead a protest against government’s continued neglect of the situation and the loss of homes and livelihoods that this environmental disaster has caused.