Jonathan La Crette

Educator, Business Executive, Pastor, Motivational Speaker

Constituency Office

Grand Mal

Grand Mal

St. George

Dear Resident of the Constituency of St. George North West,

I am your “home-boy”, Jonathan La Crette, from the community of St. George North West. I identify with my constituents as a father figure, a mentor, a coach, an educator and as a people’s person who cares about the needs of others. I developed myself into a professional who has invested in the people of this constituency and I am ready to continue doing so as your representative in the upcoming general election. 


I am an inclusive and transformative change agent, who is committed to building and supporting the development of people. I aspire to embrace the challenge of contesting the St. George North West in order to bring the changes that are needed for my constituents. In this community I see resilience, hard work and tenacity. We will work together to ensure that the human and social development of the people in this constituency is no longer being neglected. 


MY VISION is to make the St. George North West a better place for everyone who lives, works, and visits therein.  


UNDER MY LEADERSHIP in St. George North West I will endeavour to:


Most sincerely yours,

Jonathan La Crette,

NDC Candidate for the Constituency of St. George North West