Gloria Thomas

Educator, Social Worker, Community Organizer, Humanitarian

Constituency Office



St. Andrew

Dear Resident St. Andrew North West,

I am Gloria Thomas, a daughter of this constituency who is a proud educator, avid community organizer, passionate counsellor and active church member. For many years, I’ve been serving the people of our constituency as the Branch Secretary, where I worked to keep our constituency engaged. I commit to inspire others as I continue to represent you in the upcoming general election.     

MY VISION for St. Andrew North West is to develop a constituency where there are equal opportunities, a high standard of living, inclusiveness, and adequate resources for all constituents. 

UNDER MY LEADERSHIP in St. Andrew North West I will endeavour to:

Let’s work together to move Grenada forward! 

Most sincerely yours,

Gloria Thomas

Candidate for the Constituency of St. Andrew North West