Dr. Tessa St. Cyr

Educator, Performance Specialist, Youth Activist

Constituency Office



St. Andrew


Dear Resident of St. Andrew North East,

I am Dr. Tessa St. Cyr, a long-standing public servant, educator and advocate for youth in  Grenada and specifically in the constituency of St. Andrew North East. I value respect for self and others, inclusiveness, cultural sensitivity, gender equality, transparency and accountability and it is with these qualities that I intend to represent this constituency at the upcoming general election. 

I am an Education and Performance Specialist, who serves in different capacities at the community, national and international levels. My service to Grenada includes being a Senator in Grenada’s Parliament and functioning as Accreditation Coordinator, as well as a Course Director and Lecturer, at the Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at SGU. I have also served as a consultant and curriculum developer for local entities such as the National Training Agency and the Ministry of Youth and has a long-standing history of involvement in youth development. Additionally, I have served as the President of the St. Andrew’s Parish Youth Council; as Vice-President of the National Youth Council; as a Youth Ambassador; and as a facilitator of many youth development initiatives

I served Grenada in many capacities at the community, national and international levels. I dedicated my career to maintaining the standards of education for our students and I advocated for and facilitated youth development initiatives in St. Andrew and across the island. I commit to continue doing my part to ensure the sustainable growth of this constituency. 

MY VISION for the constituency of St. Andrew North East is to advocate for the all-around well-being and development of all of the residents. 

UNDER MY LEADERSHIP in St. Andrew North East I will endeavour to:

Most sincerely yours,

Dr. Tessa St. Cyr

NDC Candidate for the Constituency of St. Andrew North East