Dickon Mitchell

Lawyer, Community Activist, Humanitarian

Constituency Office

Eastern Main Road

Red Gate

St. David


Dear Resident of St. David,

I am Dickon Mitchell, Political Leader of the NDC and a son of the St. David soil, from the village of Petit Esperance. Born to working-class parents, I made it my life’s commitment to embody the principles of hard work, sacrifice and determination. It is with these qualities that I intend to serve as your NDC candidate for the parish of St. David in the next general election.

My life has been dedicated to my career as a lawyer where I have represented Grenadians from all walks of life. In my 19 years of practice, I have seen the transformational power of education, the hunger of youth for better opportunities and the sacrifice made by Grenadians in creating a better future for themselves and their families. The success of others, especially those who succeed against the odds, is one of my greatest inspirations!  

MY VISION is to work with you to move St. David forward to become the parish that we are most proud of. 

UNDER MY LEADERSHIP in St. David I will endeavour to:

Most sincerely yours,

Dickon Mitchell

NDC Candidate for the Constituency of St. David