David Andrew

Educator, Counsellor, Community Activist

Constituency Office

Canal Road


St. Andrew


Dear Resident of St. Andrew South East

I am David Andrew, a proud son of La Digue St. Andrew and a resident of the village of Hope. My passion for genuine service and improving the lives of people is what propels me to step forward to represent you, the constituents of St. Andrew South East.

I dedicated my career to serving others in the capacity of a counselling therapist, guidance counsellor, educator and advocate for our nation’s students. I am a Counselling Therapist and Educator by profession, who has worked at various levels of the education sector. I have served as a Classroom Teacher, Guidance Counsellor, School Counsellor, Chief Education Officer, and Director of Student Support Services. With this experience, I commit to the continual and sustainable growth of this constituency and I pledge to work with all of its residents to create meaningful change. 

MY VISION  is to bring people-centered and community-driven representation that results in an improved quality of life for all of the constituents of St. Andrew South East.

UNDER MY LEADERSHIP in St. Andrew North East I will endeavour to:

Most sincerely yours,

David Andrew

NDC Candidate for the Constituency of St. Andrew South East