Claudette Joseph

Lawyer, Community Activist

Constituency Office

Lower Lucas Street

St. George's

St. George

Dear Resident of the Town of St. George,

I am Claudette Joseph, your own “home grown”, authentic “Town Girl”. As a resident of the town of St. George, I recognize that this constituency deserves true representation from a person rooted in the principles of transparency, hard-work, humility and one who knows and understands your reality. It is with these qualities that I intend to serve as your candidate for the upcoming general election.

I’ve dedicated my career to the legal profession where I am provided insight and education on many legal and social issues within Grenada. As a humble servant of the community, I will work steadfastly to ensure that we evolve this constituency into one where proper representation is the norm, where representatives seek input from their constituents and where we transform the Town of St. George through collaboration. 

MY VISION is to enhance the quality of life for the people of this constituency by providing opportunities through the creation of jobs and equality and fairness in the distribution of government support and resources.

UNDER MY LEADERSHIP in Town of St. George I will endeavour to:

Most sincerely yours,

Claudette Joseph

NDC Candidate for the Constituency of Town of St. George