Andy Williams

Entrepreneur, Community Activist, Philanthropist

Constituency Office

Grand Anse

Grand Anse

St. George

Dear Resident of the Constituency of St. George South,

I am Andy Williams, the founding entrepreneur of the Hot Spot chain of supermarkets, an activist and philanthropist from the village of Grand Anse. In essence, I have a passion for people and my life and business are centered around being people and community centered. I put people first, and I endeavour to be an inspiration to others as I represent you in the upcoming general election. 

I am truly a product of the education system of Grenada who studied Business Administration and Accounting at St. George’s University (SGU) after completing studies at the T.A. Marry show Community College.
In 1997, I started my first formal job at The Rex Grenadian Hotel as an Accounts Clerk. Then in 2000, I decided to pursue the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Accounting at SGU, while working full-time at the Rex Grenadian Hotel, where I quickly rose to the position of Cost Controller. Approximately three years later, I joined the Radisson Hotel as the Assistant Financial Controller. Then in 2007, I joined the Chevron Team, as the Senior Accountant for St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Dominica and Grenada. My tenure there lasted for two years, after which I was employed as the Financial Controller at the Flamboyant Hotel.

My educational and professional experience has shaped the business owner that I am today. In the year 2011, I started two (2) companies, namely Grand Anse Hotspot Supermarket and A & D Distributors Ltd. Over the years, I have made it my duty to develop a business model based on putting people first by providing food items at affordable prices. To date, I have established branches of Hotspot in four (4) parishes and have a weekly presence in places where Hotspot does not have a branch.

As a result of my achievements and the support gained from this community, I understand the importance of diligence, commitment and accountability. 

MY VISION  is to provide genuine representation that would result in the meeting of the immediate needs and the long-term development of all of the residents of St. George South. 

UNDER MY LEADERSHIP in St. George South I will endeavour to:

Most sincerely yours,

Andy Williams,

NDC Candidate for the Constituency of St. George South