Daily Bread & Free Speech Are Both Our Entitlement!

The National Democratic Congress (“NDC”) finds the increasing incidence of victimization and silencing of persons who speak out on the ills of the current administration, appalling and unsettling. 

In the past, public officers were the primary targets. More and more we are witnessing people in the private sector and people who are affiliated to neither sector, being intimidated into silence. 

In the prevailing environment, our young people are so intimidated that they are afraid to openly associate with any group or organization that is seen as opposed to government. That’s why when young people like Ashieda Charles dare to stand up and be a voice for the voiceless, and are silenced by the powers that be, we must all, no matter our partisan preferences, speak out in objection to such flagrant violation of the inalienable and fundamental right to free speech.

Today the right to free speech is under attack. Tomorrow it may be the right to liberty.  

The NDC rather suspects that private sector entities that attempt to curtail their staff in their social and political activism, are themselves victims of pressure brought to bear on them by the oppressive ruling NNP administration. The entire nation, including the Church, business and legal communities have a responsibility to stand now against all forms of state induced oppression and victimization against our people, especially our youth. 

The NDC says that our people should not be forced to choose between their fundamental rights and their bread and butter. All our people are endowed by Almighty God and our Constitution with both sets of rights, and therefore have an inalienable right to the enjoyment of both!    That is why we stand in full and unreserved solidarity with young Ashieda Charles and all others, who are victims of this oppressive regime. 

NDC now calls on the Trade Union Movement, the Chamber of Industry & Commerce, the Employers’ Federation, The Church community, Civil Society, the Grenada Bar Association, the youth Parliamentarians and youth organisations, to forcefully condemn this dangerous trend in our country. We also call on all patriotic Grenadians to join forces, united as one, as we fight to regain the very soul of our nation. 

Let the people’s voices be heard!