A Message of Heartfelt Condolence

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) extends its sincerest sympathy to the family of Martin Redhead, whose son, Ron Redhead is a former NDC Senator in the Parliament of Grenada and a beloved member of the NDC family.

We are saddened at the passing of Martin, who over the years, distinguished himself, first as a radio Technical Engineer at Radio Free Grenada and its successors the Grenada Broadcasting Corporation and the Grenada Broadcasting Network (GBN), and subsequently, as an outstanding trade unionist, employed with the Technical and Allied Workers Union. (TAWU)

At GBN in 1995, Martin took up the role of shop steward and will be remembered as a dynamic and results based leader in that capacity. In the year 2000 following a breakdown in negotiations between the workers represented by TAWU and GBN/CCN, he led the workers in a month long industrial struggle, which attracted the support and solidarity of workers from several major commercial enterprises in Grenada. It took the involvement of the Conference of Churches Grenada to mediate between the respective parties to eventually bring about a resolution.

Martin was employed at TAWU, carrying on the struggle for the working people of Grenada until his untimely death on Tuesday July 21. His many years of wearing the union’s fiery uniform made him one of the most visible field offices at workplaces, constantly monitoring and ensuring fairness for workers. Less than two weeks ago he was part of his union’s industrial action against GRENLEC.

NDC salutes the contributions of the late Martin Redhead to nation building which covered more than four decades. His unselfish and tireless efforts in radio and the trade union movement will be well remembered.

We are comforted in the NDC that in his case, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree and that we have the benefit of his pleasure and blessing of his young son as part of our family. We hope that his example will inspire a young generation to build on his contributions.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.