NDC Says Thank You!

As the world grapples with the Covid-19 Pandemic, small Islands Developing States like Grenada, largely depend on tourism and to a lesser extent remittances from the diaspora. Many of our friends and neighbours are now experiencing challenges with meeting their daily needs.

It is based on the above premise, that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) with its theme of “Putting People First” established the ”National Care Initiative” to assist in addressing the issue of Food Security, for the most marginalized. During the first phase of the project, we’ve provided food hampers to over 500 families throughout Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected so many lives particularly those who live in poverty. In addition, job loss and wage cuts have affected families all over the country. Large households have found it difficult to provide for their families. With physical distancing protocols our beloved elderly, people living with disabilities and individuals living with pre-existing conditions, are now caught between a “rock and a hard place”. It is a real balancing act between continuing their hustle and protecting themselves.

Recognizing the dire need to help those in our communities the first phase of this initiative was launched in mid-March. This initial appeal was made to members of our local communities and friends in the diaspora to assist in this regard. It is extremely heartening to report that so many people have answered the clarion call. It was truly reassuring to experience this level of commitment and dedication to humanity. People contributed their time, finances, food, transportation and other donations in kind to help with this very important gesture.

The National Democratic Congress takes the opportunity, to express a heartfelt thank you to everyone, who has partnered with us, to accomplish this mammoth Food Hamper Drive. In particular, the Visionaries of Hope, small village shops, supermarkets, the business community and individuals. Your timely contribution provided much-needed support to families at risk. We are confident that your contribution also helped with mitigating the effects of mental health challenges, and social ills that have increased, as families deal with the pandemic.

We are continuing our mission to help reach more families who are in need. We are currently in phase two of the project which entails making and distributing masks. Also, bottled water will be provided to our frontline workers such as the police and health workers.

If you believe in putting people first and will like to get involved by supporting our brothers and sisters, you are kindly encouraged to connect with the NDC National Care Initiative.