Kerryne James

Former Senator, Youth Activist, Ambassador

Constituency Office



St. John

Dear Resident of St. John,

I am Kerryne James and a firm believer in the value of education as a passport to upward mobility. As a member of a working class family, I capitalized on the opportunities provided though education and committed myself to the development of youth within my community. I bring youthful fervor, fresh ideas and diligence to represent this constituency in the upcoming general election. 

I will seek to develop St. John to its fullest potential through dynamic leadership, bringing concrete solutions to the problems affecting constituents, and facilitating people’s participation and empowerment. I therefore appeal to the youths of Grenada and of my constituency in particular to take advantage of all educational opportunities available.

MY VISION is for a united, family-centered, productive, and healthy constituency, caring for its elderly, protecting its children, educating its young people, and contributing to the national sustainable development of our parish. 

UNDER MY LEADERSHIP in St. John I will endeavour to:

Most sincerely yours,

Kerryne James

NDC Candidate for the Constituency of St. John