Viral Video Highlights Grenada's Healthcare Crisis

A video that went viral from Hazel Douglas has highlighted the healthcare crisis that exists in Grenada.

"The viral video from Hazel Douglas shows just how much of a healthcare crisis we have in this country. When Grenadians need to see a doctor, all too often there are none available," said Adrian Thomas, the NDC candidate for St. David. "With serious economic challenges facing most people, simple illnesses become a crisis, and people have to compromise their dignity and go around with a donation sheet or visit a politician to seek a favour. This is unacceptable. And, the cost of medicines and tests is too high for most Grenadians. It's not just about building new facilities - we need more doctors, more nurses, and more affordable medicines and diagnostic tests."

Thomas continued, "The NDC is committed to improving healthcare in Grenada. In government, we will partner with SGU and the private sector to make sure that there are more doctors available at clinics throughout the country - especially in the rural areas. The NDC will revolutionize our healthcare system by making sure that there is a doctor in every clinic and providing a prescription drug benefit to our people - reducing the cost of medicines and tests. Grenadians like Hazel Douglas deserve better from our healthcare system."

"On March 13, I encourage everyone to vote NDC - to put the people first," concluded Thomas.