Terry Hillaire

St. Andrew North East

Campaign office: Tivoli, St. Andrew; 533-3628; terryhillaire078@gmail.com

About the Candidate

Profession/Occupation: Small Businessman
Birthday: July 26
Marital Status: Married
Children: 2

Terry Hillaire is a cricket aficionado and proud father of 2, whose call to the service of the public good, began through the game he loves so much.

An alumnus of Mt. Rose Seventh Day Adventist School, Terry began his rise in the cricketing world at the age of 11, and by age 17, was a member of the Grenada Senior National Cricket Team. By age 18, he was on the Windward Islands Senior Cricket Team, and at that age, took it upon himself to coach a group of 23 teenage cricket enthusiasts from the Tivoli area.

It is a matter of note that nine of those youths went on to represent St. Andrews, and four later made it into the Grenada national team. This is the beginning of Terry’s relationship with public service. That relationship has grown from strength to strength as he sees the entire Constituency as part of his wider family.

In keeping with the NDC campaign theme, Terry is committed to maintaining and increasing his involvement with the people and Constituency of St. Andrew North East. In addition to the needed improvements to infrastructure and social and economic facilities, he is determined to improve the quality of representation for all constituents, regardless of their political orientation.

His plans for the Constituency are geared towards establishing an infrastructural basis for the empowerment of the agricultural sector in the Constituency, to employ more persons and achieve higher outputs; Terry also plans to provide opportunities for building human capacity in the Constituency through provision of and improvements to facilities in the arts, culture, education, sports, and employment training.

My Vision for St. Andrew North East

Dear Residents and Friends of St. Andrew North East,

Greetings to each and every one of you, on behalf of my immediate family, and the NDC. I am honoured by the trust placed in me, as the candidate to represent you in our nation’s parliament.

About 5 years ago, we were asked to make a choice for our future, and we did. Since then, we have watched as every hope for a better future disappeared drop by drop, thanks to the callous, careless, and carefree approach our elected representatives to their sworn duties.

As many of you have told me during our conversations, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

The NDC is determined that government will be for the people of Grenada, and that elected representatives will serve both the people who elected them, and those who did not vote for them, with equal dedication!

As your candidate, I aim to see the following improvements made in our Constituency under an NDC administration:

Making untreated water (rain and river) more accessible to farmers; Implementation of a state support farm labour program; development of accessible roads in the Tilby and John Sandy and other hard-to-reach farm areas.

Arts and Culture:
Restoration of the Seamoon Arts and Cultural Center; development of Artist Bay Park including bathrooms, changing rooms and adequate lighting.

Implementation of after-school programmes in all community centres; Establishment of IT access hubs in community centres.

Development of a mini stadium in the Tivoli area; Changing and seating facilities and lighting for the Pearls playing field; Completion of the La Potrie playing field; Increasing team sports and sporting events; implementation of grass roots training programmes for children.

Employment Training:
Establishment of a School of Aviation at Pearls Airport; Restoration of the old Cuban aircraft; Development of Pearls airport as aviation centre and a tourist attraction.

On Election Day, let’s do what is right for ourselves, our families, and our country.

Yours sincerely,

Terry Hillaire
NDC Candidate
St. Andrew North East