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Table of Contents

Party Leader's Message
Our Vision
Our Mission
Our Core Values
Our Approach to Governance
Our Priorities
Putting People First
Highights of our Plan and Programs
Our Covenant
Our Candidates

Party Leader's Message

My dear people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, in this general election, we have come to a crossroad as far as the future of our beloved country is concerned. The National Democratic Congress (NDC) brings you a message of hope and prosperity as we launch into an era of participatory democracy that will focus on PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST in the sustainable development of our nation.

Our proposed path of development will lead us to a stronger economy driven by a more people centered approach to development. A structured consultation process will guide our national plan that will address the problem of jobless growth; high unemployment, shattered dreams; hopelessness and despair. Our integrated approach to governance will enable us to regain the respect and admiration that our beautiful country so deserves.

The path we propose will lead to sustainable economicgrowth and development, entrepreneurial opportunities, job creation and opportunities for all Grenadians to improve their standard of living. It will lead to a Government that will respect and serve all Grenadians; a rekindling and rebuilding of confdence in the future of Grenada; and a Grenada which will regain respect regionally and internationally.

The NDC is ready to lead Grenada.
Coming out of the diffcult times in 2013, the NDC has been able to refocus on the important task of mobilizing Grenadians to work together towards improving the quality of life for all our people. The party has strengthened its planning and its organizational capacity and has prepared a 2030 vision outside of an election season. This has led to many creative ideas from other patriotic Grenadians who are stepping forward to play a role in saving our country from further damage. A new NDC government will commit to instituting the necessary mechanisms to facilitate genuine peoples’ involvement in the decision-making process of Grenada.

The Time is NOW!
Guided by our vision, our core principles and policy imperatives set out in our Policy Agenda published in September 2016, the NDC has developed plans and programs that we are convinced will move Grenada forward and provide a better life for our people.

I am proud to lead a team of competent and qualifed women and men, including our youth, who are committed to Grenada and are ready to serve their country and fellow Grenadians. We commit to providing quality representation and assure the people of Grenada that a new NDC Government, working with the people, will transform Grenada and provide lasting growth and development of all Grenadians.

We believe in the capacity and potential of our people on mainland Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique to achieve greatness if given the opportunity. We will bring together the creative forces at home and in the diaspora to improve the lives of all our people.

As we go into this election campaign, I ask you to give us your support and the opportunity to lead Grenada’s path to greatness for this generation and those to come.

VOTE NDC for a better Grenada.
Thank you and may God bless Grenada and its people.

V. Nazim Burke

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Our Vision


The NDC’s vision is A Green, Equitable and Prosperous Grenada for All. This envisages Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique as:

  • A nation that is just, free, independent and self-reliant
  • A nation in which everyone has an equal opportunity to realize his/her potential and enjoy the fruits of his/her labour without fear or discrimination
  • A nation in which poverty and ignorance are eradicated and Grenadians are taking their rightful place among the community of nations
  • A nation that is stable, peaceful, friendly, safe and secure
  • A nation that embraces diverse faith communities and their harmonious interaction with each other; a nation that embraces diversity and practices tolerance at all times
  • A nation transformed into an eco-friendly, fair, equitable, dynamic, prosperous and stable democracy, capable of sustaining a high quality of life for all its people
  • A nation whose people take pride in their culture, heritage and patrimony
  • A nation where the environment is protected and preserved for the use and enjoyment of the present and future generations
  • A nation that is a model of sustainable development for small island developing states

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Our Mission

The NDC’s Mission is
“To build a prosperous Grenada, based on
environmentally sound principles, and a just and
equitable society”

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Our Core Values

The NDC now re-emphasizes as its core values: honesty, integrity, transparency, accountability, self-respect, tolerance, patriotism, equality, justice and good governance (which includes respect for the rule of law and the institutions of the state). We frmly believe that these important values are prerequisites for sustainable economic and social development of Grenada. Furthermore, the NDC is adamant that every Grenadian needs to be self-reliant and patriotic. Self-reliance is what will break the pervasive dependent mentality, and make us more independent.

Making Grenada a better place for all, building a strong and sustainable economy is paramount. At the same time, the preservation of our traditions and heritage, the protection of our environment and putting people frst, are fundamental core principles.

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Our Approach to Governance

We are aware that most Grenadians have a strong desire to stay at home, get a quality education with at least regional certifcation; have a sustainable job or business, access to affordable and quality healthcare and housing; and be able to enjoy our heritage and patrimony in a fair, just and safe environment.

The National Democratic Congress is committed to putting people frst and creating the conditions for the realization of our vision, the Grenadian Dream.

After deep analysis, and consultations, we are convinced that if our nation is to develop in the best possible way, with respect for our patrimony and preserving our heritage and our environment, we must put our people frst, by making them the focus of our development efforts and, directing our energies on a more people-centred approach to human development.

The NDC will have a new approach.

The political philosophy and values underpinning our party is good governance.

Good governance is a term used to describe the effective and effcient management of public resources in response to critical needs of a society. It suggests ways for people in public service to think more deeply, judge more wisely, and act more responsibly in making and implementing policy decisions.

Good governance is accountable!
It means that government has an obligation to report and be answerable to the people for the consequences of decisions made on their behalf.

Good governance is transparent!
It means that the people should be able to follow and understand the decision-making process.

Good governance follows the rule of law!
It means that decisions are consistent with relevant legislation.

Good governance is responsive!
It means that government should always do its best to serve the needs of the people while balancing competing interests in a timely, appropriate and responsive manner.

Good governance is equitable and inclusive!
It means that all the people must feel that their interests have been considered in the decisionmaking process.

Good governance is effective and effcient!
Government should implement decisions and follow processes that make the best use of evidence-based knowledge, best practices, and its available resources to ensure the best possible results for the nation.

Good governance is participatory!
It means that anyone affected by or interested in a decision should have the opportunity to participate in the process for making that decision.

We will be inclusive, embracing the NGO sector, the private sector, labour and the wider community in a consultative management process. We will develop a parish consultative framework through which Parliamentary Representatives, Ministers of Government and other public offcials will meet with the citizens to update them on their areas of public responsibility, clarify people’s doubts and receive their suggestions and recommendations. This approach will be buttressed with a positive culture of discipline, commitment, hard work, patriotism and caring hands.

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Our Priorities

We have determined that the main priorities and concerns in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique at this time must be addressed by putting people frst; as such, our priorities are:

  • Creating more sustainable jobs and establishing the enabling environment for entrepreneurship, innovation and job-creation to solve the massive unemployment problem, especially among our youth
  • Reforming the health sector so as to provide access to affordable, quality health care for all
  • Reducing the tax burden on the people and providing them with more disposable incomes
  • Creating a more inclusive and fairer society by eliminating the need for “links” in order to get ahead. Essentially, we must bring an end to all forms of corruption
  • Empowering the people of Carriacou and Petite Martinique to realize their fullest potential and build a vibrant modern economy and community, while preserving their cultural heritage and traditions;
  • Fostering greater transparency and openness in government, increasing effciency and productivity, engendering fairness and deepening our democracy.

In keeping with the principles and foundation set out in our Policy Agenda, we have developed specifc plans and programs that are designed to address many of the ills of our society, some of which have not been adequately addressed in the past, and in some instances have worsened.

A NDC Government will implement these plans and programs IMPARTIALLY.

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Putting People First

The Plans and Programs

In order to place our country on a long term path of sustainable development, we must produce our way to prosperity.

We must get our economy growing consistently - increase the size of the economic pie so that everyone can get a deserving slice. This is a strategic imperative. Economic growth is closely connected to job creation. This is a critical factor in our plans to create a BETTER GRENADA. We regard employment creation as the means through which we will empower our citizens, raise their self-esteem, guarantee their income security, improve their quality of life and, in the process, build our country.

We will implement a number of growth-enhancing projects and activities and as these are pursued, many of our unemployed citizens will return to gainful and productive activity, the size of our economic pie will be increased and every Grenadian will be in a position to get a deserving slice.

Sustainable, equitable and inclusive development of a country can only be accomplished by a committed, credible and capable government which eliminates waste and corruption from its midst.

Grenada has not had such a government for the past fve years.

That will change with a NDC Government.

All initiatives to achieve sustained development require strategic action, national commitment and integrity that will lead to a BETTER GRENADA.

  • We must strengthen the country’s performance and improve our competitiveness
  • We must use the global economy to our beneft by using attractive incentives to import ideas, technology and knowhow from the rest of the world and using it for productive purposes
  • We must exploit the global market by producing the goods and services for which there is signifcant demand while attracting investments to supply that demand
  • Simply put, we must import what the rest of the world knows and export what they want

To achieve these goals, we have taken the time to identify the long term growth pillars of our economy. These are:

  • Agriculture and Agri-business
  • Education, Health and Wellness Services
  • Tourism and Hospitality Services
  • Information, Communication Technology ( ICT)
  • Energy Development
  • Sports, Culture and Entertainment Industries

Having done so, we must put in place the necessary management systems and allocate the necessary resources to these sectors. We are convinced that this approach will create opportunities for sustainable jobs for our people, and advance the growth and development of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

We recognize that while focusing on these strategic pillars, we must articulate and pursue the short and medium term projects and programs that will allow us to achieve our long term goals. We must undertake the necessary and critical tasks of:

  • improving the quality of health care for our citizens
  • protecting our national heritage and patrimony
  • protecting our most vulnerable from mental and physical abuse and discrimination
  • developing the quality of our human stock by increasing the level of education and skills training
  • improving the quality of housing and human settlement
  • providing income support and economic security for our most vulnerable citizens
  • improving the quality of our physical infrastructure, and
  • strengthening our institutions

To that end, we have decided that an NDC Government WILL implement plans and programs in the following important areas:

  • The Economy - Economic Security
  • Youth Empowerment - Opportunities for young people
  • Healthcare
  • Education and Human Resource Development
  • Agriculture and Food Security
  • Rural Development
  • Housing, Infrastructure and the Environment
  • Carriacou and Petite Martinique
  • Constitutional Reform
  • National Pride/Sovereignty/National Heritage
  • Personal Safety and Security of our People, particularly Women and Children
  • Arts, Culture, and Entertainment
  • Grenadians in the Diaspora

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Highights of Our Plans and Programs

Health Care

  • Establish a National Health Insurance Scheme in consultation with stakeholders and a National Health Fund which will be partly fnanced from the proceeds of the National Lottery Authority and all taxes from the sale of all alcohol and tobacco in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique
  • Construct a new modern, state of the art Public Hospital with teaching facilities as the centerpiece to the development of the Health and Wellness Sector. This facility will be named the Sir Eric Gairy Memorial Hospital
  • Upgrade the Princess Royal and Princess Alice Hospitals to provide a wider range and more improved services, and ensuring a doctor is always available
  • Establish a modern Dialysis Treatment Centre for all patients
  • Rationalize all health care facilities to improve the quality of services provided so that people will feel comfortable to use them
  • Provide full time employment for registered nurses who are at present employed on a parttime basis
  • The SGU is a globally recognized premier medical school. Unfortunately, the state of health care in Grenada does not reflect this. Immediate steps will be taken to increase the collaboration with the SGU to ensure our health sector is second to none

The Economy - Economic Security

  • Ensure balanced responsible and prudent economic management - while providing opportunities for sustainable growth and development of our people. This will create opportunities for sustainable jobs for our people, and advance the growth and development of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique
  • Fulfll Government’s duty to pay Public Servants who have been wrongly denied their pension and re-instate the Public Workers Pension Scheme as required by law within six months of getting into offce
  • Reestablish the Energy for the Poor program to protect the environment and improve the standard of living for our most vulnerable citizens
  • Re-introduce the Duty Free Barrels Program
  • Regularize the employment of all teachers, nurses and public servants employed on contract by Government for two (2) years or more with effect from the date of employment (thereby protecting their years of service) within the frst 12 months in offce
  • Put an end to the practice of giving contracts for work that should be performed by regular employment
  • Pay to public Servants the one-off payment of $1,000 asked for in recognition of the sacrifce made during the period of the Structural Adjustment Program
  • Undertake genuine tax reform to create a system that is simpler, equitable and predictable, including reducing the tax burden on people and businesses by eliminating and/or reducing the more than 30 taxes, levies, and fees imposed in the past fve years
  • Immediately implement a signifcant reduction in the Petroleum tax so that consumers will pay less per gallon at the pump and beneft from the cost savings
  • Reduce Property Taxes to ease the heavy burden on home owners
  • Promote the establishment and benefts of the Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) to encourage Grenadians to save for their retirement and create wealth by exempting from income taxes any income placed into such a plan up to $6,000 per year
  • Increase the minimum wage of Security Guards, Domestic Workers, Caregivers of the elderly, Cooks, Bartenders, Waiters, Waitresses Construction Labourers , Helpers and Utility Workers and ensure that no person in Grenada working a 40 hour week will earn less than $700.00 per month
  • Introduce payment of Public Servants salaries in two installments per month rather than as a single monthly payment at the end of each month, with the aim of paying all Public Servants in that manner by the end of 2018
  • Establish a program of Government providing guarantees of business loans for indigenous Grenadians in productive investment in the real economy to create employment opportunities and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, with special focus on marginalized groups, including youth, women, the physically challenged, and rural communities

Youth Empowerment - Providing Better Opportunities for Young People

  • Upgrade the IMANI Program so as to make it a full-fledged Skills Training and Apprenticeship Program with primary focus given to the six transformational sectors - Tourism and Hospitality Services; Agriculture and Agri-business; Information, Communication Technology (ICT); Energy Development; Education Health and Wellness Services; and Sports, Culture and Entertainment Industries - and introduce an exchange program with other Caricom countries having a similar program
  • Promote a Business Process Outsourcing revolution. Provides processing and support services for external businesses using technology and providing new jobs and opportunities for thousands of unemployed people
  • ICT has created a flat world and online jobs are available which can be done from home. From coding to teaching, medical billing to customer service. A marketing section of our embassies and consulates will be created with a mandate of fnding online jobs for qualifed Grenadians
  • Curriculum adjustments will be made at our educational institutions to prepare our students for new ICT jobs. Coding will be given special emphasis
  • Provide opportunities for active participation of young people in decision making for national development, including Student Councils and Youth Parliament
  • Advocate for the reform of the Upper House of Parliament (Senate) to stipulate that at any given time the Senate will have no less than 3 Youth Senators – 30 years of age or younger - at least one of whom must be male and one female to represent the interests of our youth in the national Parliament
  • Ensure that there be at least one person age 30 years or younger serving on the Board of Directors of every state owned enterprise in Grenada Carriacou and Petite Martinique

Agriculture, Agri-business, and Food Security

  • Create a land bank in collaboration with landowners locally and abroad of un-utilized and under-utilized lands, to bring them under productive utilization while respecting the rights of property owners
  • Restructure MNIB, to provide Agricultural Support Marketing and Procurement services in collaboration with farmers and commodity boards
  • Restore Grenada’s global leadership in nutmeg and cocoa production by among other things undertaking a massive replanting program and clearing all existing felds of vines, shrubs and other impediments
  • Provide support for local poultry farmers so as to ensure that no less than thirty percent (30%) of the chickens consumed in Grenada are produced in Grenada
  • Provide support for entrepreneurs in Agroprocessing and related innovative projects
  • Establish a Praedial Larceny Court with hearings in the evening to try cases with persons accused of stealing farmers produce and pass laws to ensure that those convicted either pay back the farmer or provide farm labour services to the farmer
  • Fishing - partner with existing global experts to develop a major fsh industry based on Deep Sea Cage Fishing. This will produce high quality jobs from Marine biologists to marketing professionals, divers, fshermen, processors, through to unskilled labour
  • Food security will be a top priority for a NDC government. This is necessary to reduce our food import bill, eat healthier, and support local production
  • The Farm Labour Support Program will be re-introduced to assist farmers in putting all agricultural lands under production. This includes the improvement and expansion of the farm machinery pool
  • Establish a State of the art Agro-industrial plant to process fruits and vegetables

Rural Development
Promote the development of rural areas of the country and create opportunities or jobs for Grenadians living in those areas by:

  • Providing attractive incentives to encourage interested investors to construct at least 1,000 new hotel rooms providing 750 new sustainable jobs with particular emphasis on rural areas
  • Establish the State of the art agro-industrial plant in St. Andrew to process fruits and vegetables produced by our farmers

Educational and Human Rsource Development

  • Introduction of a Guaranteed Student Loan Program for students wishing to pursue a First Degree at University on a full-time basis
  • Providing free tuition for our young people at T. A. Marryshow Community College
  • Re-introduction of the Free School Books Program
  • Restore the public library and upgrade it to include a digital department
  • We will establish a National School of Arts, Culture, and Entertainment, and a Centre for Performing Arts. The school will be linked with the Grenada Tourism Authority to ensure that there is an income-generating component with students having practical experience of being part of the tourism product
  • As part of our approach to holistic human development, extra curricula activities such as music, etc. will be introduced and emphasized in all schools (including pre-school) as part of the main curriculum. The benefts will be anger management, improved self-esteem and self confdence

Housing, Huma Settlement, Physical Development, Energy, and the Environment

  • Almost one third of Grenadian households still use outdoor toilet facilities. We shall eestablish a program to reduce and ultimately eliminate the use of pit and outdoor latrines within the frst 5 year term in offce, in keeping with the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Provide land title (land papers of ownership) to all families who have been continuously occupying Government lands for residential purposes for 7 years or more
  • Establish a proper National Housing Program, aimed at providing better access to housing and better housing conditions for low and lower middle-income families
  • Pursue a bold program in energy and electricity production and usage with greater reliance on renewable energy sources to achieve our energy goals
  • As we move towards greater reliance on alternative energy, the NDC government will seek to partner with Grenlec to provide training and seed capital for a robust solar industry. We will seek to eliminate or minimize the use of electric water heaters, increase the use of solar power electricity, and explore alternatives for Carriacou and Petite Martinique to be fully powered by renewable sources
  • In keeping with global trends, we will immediately start phasing out government owned petroleumbased vehicles and will incentivize the use of electric vehicles.
  • We anticipate a minimum of 250 new jobs in the renewable and alternative energy sector

Carriacou and Petite Martinique

  • Ensure that the people of Carriacou and Petite Martinique pay no more than the people of mainland Grenada for petroleum products
  • In keeping with the requirements of our Constitution, we will complete the resuscitation of local government in Carriacou by creating the Island Assembly as required by our Constitution, within six months of assuming offce
  • Grant special concessions to Osprey Lines so that they can provide cheaper and better service to the residents of the two sister islands
  • Resume discussions with SGU with a view to establishing a Carriacou Campus specializing in Marine Biology and Aquatic medicine
  • Pursue the development of Petite Martinique as the primary fshing centre of the nation, including the establishment of a fsh processing facility to create employment opportunities for residents
  • Extend the Carriacou Airport runway to accommodate larger aircraft, install night landing facilities and construct suitable terminal facilities

Personal Safety and Security of Our People, Particularly Women, Children, and Persons Living with Disabilities

  • Immediately introduce Dangerous Offender Legislation in our Criminal Laws to properly deal with dangerous and repeat Sex offenders so as to protect our women and children from sexual violence; and establish a Special Victims Unit to thoroughly investigate complaints and to provide counseling and support services to victims
  • Immediately introduce domestic legislation to protect the rights and dignity of persons living with disability and ensure that Grenada is fulflling its obligations as a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

National Pride/Sovereignty/National Heritage/Patrimony

  • Zealously protect ALL of our National Parks, heritage sites and Protected areas, including Camerhogne Park, Quarantine Station, Lakes, Beaches, Rivers, Fedon’s Camp and Carib’s Leap ensuring that they remain the patrimony of the Grenadian people for the use and beneft of present and future generations and shall not be sold or given away to any person
  • Undertake an inventory of all Diplomatic passports issued in the name of the Government of Grenada with a view to determining the suitability of the holders to hold Grenadian diplomatic passports
  • Introduce and enforce urban planning legislation to include provision for the restoration and conservation of buildings and sites of special historic and architectural interest and value, with a view to declaring areas such as the Town of Saint George as specially protected historic districts
  • Undertake a comprehensive review and reform of the Citizenship by Investment Program with a view to ensuring that the benefts of the program justify the national security and reputational risks and ensuring that a strict and comprehensive regime of due diligence and transparency is in force at all times

Constitutional Reform

  • Establish a Constituent Assembly to complete the reform of the existing Constitution after comprehensive public consultations on the Constitution with the citizens of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique both at home and in the diaspora

Arts, Culture, Entertainment, and Sports

  • Build A National Cultural Centre in Simon
  • Establish a National School of Arts, Culture, and Entertainment, and a Centre for Performing Arts. The school will be linked with the Grenada Tourism Authority to ensure that there is an income generating component with students having practical experience of being part of the tourism product
  • Upgrade and fully implement the National Sports Policy developed under the previous NDC administration
  • Remove the responsibility for the promotion and marketing of sports as an economic activity from the Ministry of Sports and assign that responsibility to the National Sports Council to perform these functions
  • Develop a comprehensive plan for marketing Grenada as a sports destination
  • Build an Aquatic Centre with international standard facilities

Grenadians in the Diaspora

  • Establish a Diaspora Commission comprised of Grenadians at home and abroad to develop and implement a plan for the full integration of Grenadians in the Diaspora in the social political and economic development of the country and its people
  • Advocate for the reform of the qualifcations for election to the Parliament of Grenada so as to permit Grenadian nationals who have pledged allegiance to a foreign country, other than a Commonwealth country, to run for elected offce in Grenada without having to surrender their citizenship of the foreign country

Other General and Critical Plans
The following are plans and programs which we will implement which will overlap various sectors and which will facilitate achieving the goal of a BETTER GRENADA:

  • Construct a modern headquarters for the RGPF. All other police stations will be upgraded to ensure that our police offcers live and work in a safe and comfortable environment, suited to the great sacrifces they make in ensuring we have a safe and secure nation
  • Reduce the rate of poverty in the country which is now over 40% - especially in the rural parishes of St. Patrick, St. Mark and St. Andrew which has rates in excess of 45%
  • Create a transparent, corruption free, predictable and effective investment promotion program – a genuine Individual Investor Program - which respects our sovereignty and brings effective and meaningful growth and development of our nation and our people
  • Remove the existing stain of corruption, nepotism and recklessness in government and restore Grenada’s good name and reputation regionally and internationally
  • Introduce a National Infrastructural Renewal project to modify the entire national network of roads and bridges. This will also be part of a robust disaster mitigation and recovery program
  • St. George South has developed rapidly with many private businesses relocating there, more hotels, larger population and increasing commercial activities, without the required infrastructural support. As part of the further development, a modern police and fre department will be built. A government administrative centre, library and resource centre will also be built
  • All Ministries will be supported by a voluntary Advisory Committee composed of Grenadians and friends of Grenada who can be locally or foreign based. It will be an opportunity for people in the diaspora to be involved. These committees will assist in providing technical and other advice, assist in sourcing human and material resources and in any other way possible
  • Transparency will be improved through the introduction of a Freedom of Information Act, which will allow citizens to seek any government information which they need. Any refusal to such request can be taken to an ombudsman for quick resolution
  • Legislation will be passed in collaboration with the NGO community to strengthen their mandate and enhance their functioning
  • All bills to be presented to Parliament must be accessible to citizens prior to the frst reading with opportunities for their comments
  • Develop a national transport system in collaboration with private bus owners to ensure a reliable scheduled island-wide transport system
  • Commission a full study and special actuarial review of the NIS, with a view to the establishment of unemployment insurance

We shall also take all measures necessary to improve our ranking in the following areas in which Grenada has declined in the past fve years:
(a) Ease of Doing Business
(b) World Justice Project ‘Rule of Law’ Index
(c) Corruption Perception Index
(d) Human Rights Index

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Our Covenant

This Charter is our covenant with the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

The plans and programs and the targets we have set are realistic
and achievable if we work hard and remain committed to, and
focused on our Mission “To build a prosperous Grenada, based on
environmentally sound principles, and a just and equitable society”.
Accomplishing that mission is a national endeavour in which success
is only assured;

  • when each Grenadian believes that there is a role for him or her in the affairs of our country
  • when his or her input is welcomed and appreciated by a considerate and caring Government, and
  • when each of us plays our part

The NDC is committed to providing the leadership, policies, plans and service that will motivate our people to unite around this critical task of nation building. The rest is collectively up to us, the people of Grenada.

YOU have the POWER to let us CREATE JOBS
YOU have the POWER to let us END CORRUPTION
YOU have the POWER to let us FIX our HEALTHCARE System
and be part of the CHANGE

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Our Candidates

In pursuing its Mission, the NDC has selected a team of candidates, led by our Party Leader, who are of impeccable integrity, committed, talented and ready to serve and provide the type of political representation that our people want and deserve.

V. Nazim Burke, St. George North East
Patrick Simmons, St. Andrew South East
Sylvester Quarless, St. Andrew South West
Terry Hillaire, St. Andrew North East
Franka Bernardine, St. George South East
Ray Roberts, St. George South
Dr. George Vincent, Saint John
Jerome Thomas, Saint Mark
Phillip Alexander, St. Andrew North East
Adrian Thomas, Saint David
Claudette Joseph, Town of Saint George
Ali Dowden, St. George North West
Cacilia Ann John, St. Patrick East
Joseph Andall, St. Patrick West
Tevin Andrews, Carriacou & Petite Martinique


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