Jerome Thomas

Saint Mark

Campaign office: 459-8597,

About the Candidate

Profession/Occupation: Retired Banker
Birthday: March 27
Marital Status: Married
Children: 4

Education, Accounting and Banking have defined the professional life of Jerome Thomas, your candidate for St. Mark’s.

In a working career that spanned four decades, JT as he is also fondly known, has always embraced responsibility in the diligent and remarkable execution of his duties. Beginning in 1973 as a Teacher at St. Rose Secondary School, he moved into the field of Accounting as a Trainee Accountant with Coopers & Lybrand, attaining Level II of the ACCA in the process, before switching to Banking, which would occupy him for the next 32 years, in positions of tremendous responsibility.

As a Banker, Jerome Thomas served at the highest levels of executive responsibility, rising to the position of Manager at Grenada Co-Op Bank (Sauteurs and Grenville Branches), and at NCB, where he managed the Gouyave Branch. He returned to Grenada Co-Op Bank as a Commercial Credit Analyst and Senior Loan Officer – positions he held from 1998 until his retirement in 2013.

In his retirement, apart from taking an active interest in community and national affairs, Lemoy has also found time to pursue his interest in apiculture (the rearing of honey bees), and his ever-rewarding hobby of backyard gardening.

As the NDC candidate for St. Mark’s he is very aware of the challenges faced by citizens in their daily lives – challenges which have not received the attention that they deserve, and which he is committed to addressing:
• The lack of adequate healthcare facilities
• The sub-standard condition of current sporting facilities
• The incidence of praedial larceny and its destabilising and demoralising effect on farmers
• Deficiencies in the housing stock in the constituency.

In order to address these long-outstanding issues, and in order to remove St. Mark from the bottom of the poverty scale within 10 years, Jerome Thomas is advocating the empowerment of the people of St. Mark to be the builders of their economic destiny. Only by giving people the means and opportunities to grow economically, can the issues that affect them the most begin to be addressed.

To this end, JT is proposing that economic life in St. Mark be revived through:
• Regeneration of cottage industries derived from the rich agricultural heritage of St. Mark
• The introduction of incentives to bring private business into partnership with the government to create jobs in downstream agricultural processing
• Introduction of new cottage industries to the area
• Expansion of the eco-tourism capacity of the constituency
• Increases in the production of agricultural inputs for sale within and outside of the constituency.

By engaging the people of St. Mark, these processes will generate employment, stimulate economic activity, and raise living standards for all residents. Lemoy is committed to working closely with all well-meaning persons in every community; to ensure that the needs and aspirations of all citizens are prioritised by government.

My Vision for St. Mark’s

Dear Constituents of St. Mark’s,

I thank you for your encouragement to stand up and be counted among those who really want the best for our Constituency and for Grenada. As with many other areas of our nation, St. Mark’s is suffering from a lack of proper and meaningful representation, especially when it comes to your concerns and your needs. But we can reverse this unfortunate trend, by electing the NDC into office.

Over the next five years, these are some of my expectations for St. Mark’s under an NDC government:

• Revival of the cocoa and nutmeg industries to pre-Ivan levels
• A public-private partnership with the cocoa industry and chocolate factory, to increase productivity and employment
• Upgrade of the Maran propagation station, enabling it to provide all the planting requirements for farmers on the west course, train young adults in various aspects of agricultural production, and most importantly, provide compost from food waste and wood chips
• Introduction of vermin composting – a new organic fertilizer concept
• Upgrade of all sporting facilities to a standard that will enable our youth who want to make careers in sports, to do so
• Boosting of existing cottage industries and introduction of new ones; Furniture making, garment making, and fishing will be given full support
• Establishment of a Centre of Excellence utilising and teaching computer skills
• Development of the eco tourism potential of the parish, by establishing more nature trails. St. Mark’s Development Organisation will be given full responsibility to head this, along with the development of the Duquesne beach area.

These are some of the priority areas that will boost employment, self-reliance, and civic engagement in our constituency. I believe firmly that empowered people make empowered communities, and I stand with St. Mark’s as we seek to empower all our citizens, to help make a more productive nation. On Election Day, let’s put ourselves, the people of St. Mark’s, first, by voting for the NDC.

I thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Jerome “Lemoy” Thomas
NDC Candidate
St. Mark’s