Claudette Joseph

Town of Saint George

Campaign office: Lower Lucas Street, St. George, 435-8696; 421-7373; 458-6386,

About the Candidate

Profession/Occupation: Attorney at Law
Birthday: September 9
Marital Status: Single
Children: none

My Vision for The Town of St. George

Dear People of the Town of Saint George,

Over the last 4 elections, you have elected representatives, who failed to DELIVER on their promises to you. Your last two representatives, Peter David and Nicholas Steele, abandoned you in the middle of their terms, and didn’t respect you enough to come back and explain why they abandoned you.

You deserve much better – true representation from a person rooted in the town who will be true to you; a person who knows and understands you because they have lived what you live and experienced what you experience. That person is me, your humble servant, your own home-grown, authentic Town Girl.

As your representative, I will ensure we put behind us, the politics of disrespect where politicians act as though proper representation is giving handouts. My intention is to lift the quality of life for the people by giving them a hand up rather than insisting on handouts.

As your representative, I am committed to doing the following for our town:
1. Restore and preserve our built heritage.
2. Enhance of the Town as a historic and tourist district.
3. Once and for all, undertake flood mitigation and beautification of the St. John’s River, River Road.
4. Improve the housing stock particularly in River Road & Darbeau.
5. Empower people who are squatting on Crown Lands by giving them ownership of those lands.
6. All these things will create much needed JOBS for the people of the Town.

and I am also committed to improving your quality of life by doing the following:

1. Providing the better representation for the Town.
2. Creating more jobs.
3. Pursuing equal opportunities for all.
4. Ensuring fairness in the distribution of assistance.
5. Working with my colleagues in Government to improve the quality of healthcare.
6. STANDING UP for and with all Town People!

Yours sincerely,

Claudette Joseph
Your Home Girl and next Parliamentary Representative